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Once and Twice Upon a Castle

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The Tides of history have passed over my grand old body. They left their traces. There are layers of history Ground into the mortar That holds my bones together And when I sleep I dream That my skin is a map of Europe Going back eight hundred years.

What if a castle could speak? What would it say and how would it say it? Kasteel van Gaasbeek is just outside of Brussels, it craves the company of humans but its memory is faulty. We are helping the castle remember its long life by imagining the stories of three exceptional characters that lived life to the full many years ago. At the moment we are busy bringing life back to the old stones. Through a combination of installation, performance, music and story telling we are coaxing the memories that are deeply ingrained in the fabric of the castle…

"Impressively beautiful - creativity at its best! Visitor, Once Upon a Castle