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The Yule-Tide Ark-Ive

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WildWorks will be back at The Eden Project once again for Christmas 2015!

The crew of the Yule-Tide Ark-Ive were so successful last year in collecting Christmas memories from Eden visitors that this time they have decided to make a scheduled stop in order to add to their festive archive. In the future, where the crew comes from, they celebrate Christmas, but aren’t quite sure why. It has all become a bit jumbled over the years, yet, out of habit, they carry on celebrating. They don’t understand what the meaning is anymore or what makes Christmas so special…Can you help them? They need your favourite Christmas memories and rituals: anything from getting the tree decorations out from the loft, to your Dad’s beloved wooly hat which he wears year in, year out; from collecting the turkey from the shop, to hastily wrapping presents on Christmas Eve because you’ve left it late once again; from knowing that the jokes that come out of crackers are terrible, but still laughing at every single one, to leaving out a carrot for Rudolph and a glass of sherry for the big man himself… Your memories are treasure, and the crew would love to hear them.

A delight for the whole family, performances are free with Eden admission and take place from 4pm on specified dates which will be announced soon. A combination of live performance, music, installations, soundscapes and beautiful lighting; you will experience the rainforest in a totally unique and completely magical way. And of course, nothing says “Christmas” like snow in the jungle…



The Yule-Tide Ark-ive first took place in December 2014 in the rainforest biome at The Eden Project – Cornwall. The experience was a combination of live performance, music, installations, soundscapes and beautiful lighting. And most magically, there was snow… in the jungle!

The Yule-Tide Ark-Ive, carrying the memories of Christmases past, present and future, crash landed in the Rainforest Biome. Festive cargo had been scattered all over the place. A diligent crew collected festive memories and put them back in their rightful crates, as well as harvesting some new memories from the Eden visitors. The Yule-Tide Ark-Ive set sail on 30th December after 22 performances to 20,000 people.