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Through My Eyes

an audio tour

Welcome to Penzance
Not much here really
Make the most of it!
Poundland, Abby Slip, Prem, Bus Stop. 
It’s staples
Our secrets …

I’ll take you there.
And show you the unseen. 
But please don’t say ‘in my day…’
Are you ready to follow?

Through My Eyes invites an audience on a guided tour of Penzance.

More than just a tour – it’s an invitation to connect, listen and to see the world through the unique perspective of young people living at the westerly edges of Cornwall today. A lens into their lives, hidden places, imagination, hopes and dreams for the future.

A remapping of Penzance developed in collaboration with the young people who live in Penzance and call it home.

Directing and concept: Agnieszka Blonska
Script based on conversations with young people: Tori Cannell
Co dramaturgy: Agnieszka Blonska & Tori Cannell
Music: Seamas Carey
Recording and sound design: Ciaran Clarke
Map design: Ellie Williams