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“I was sharing time with like minded people who care about our world and core human values of sharing and protection. As a Portlander the poetry really resonated with me. I totally ‘got it”

Audience Feedback


We worked in Portland for many months, getting a sense of the island, its inhabitants, human and animal, its history. We became aware of its ancient beginnings and read the speculative histories that told stories of a land of ritual, ruled by the seasons and their symbolism and where fire was used as celebration, as source of community cohesion, as beacon for seafarers. We discovered traces of these ceremonies, in the land, in the archives, in the memories of people and were inspired to create a modern ritual where people and symbolic animals came together in celebration. At the coming of the dusk, the borderline hour between light and dark, when anything is and was possible.

B-side Festival 08 – 10 September 2023

B-side Festival


b-side photo credits: Jayne Jackson, Kim Cullimore, Paul Box, Pete Millson


Hold fast to the bones of my wings
Seek subtle movement
Sense prey and climb higher
Wynde in angles together
And hover

Turn in space, suspend out of time
Look, the vole runs for cover
We switch
Conjure arrowed descent
Out of air

The land becomes ours for a moment
We take breath, tear flesh, and ascend.

(Anna Golding – Wildworks workshop participant)



Director: Mydd Pharo
Producer: Gwen Scolding
Writer & Community Researcher: Mercedes Kemp
Writer & Community Researcher: Pam Du Val
Musical Director: Vicky Abbott
Designer: Ellie Williams
Technical Management: Louis King
Performer: Kyla Goodey
Masks: Sue Hill, Ellie Williams, Mydd Pharo, Jasmine Fassenfelt
Metal work: Dan Richardson
Tech support: Josh Pharo
Mask-making facilitation with the Islanders: Charlotte Peach & Claudia Dharamshi
Wildworks Core Team
CEO: Emma Hogg
Artistic Director: Mydd Pharo
General Manager: Gwen Scolding
Finance Manager: Debra Gristwood

Written contributions by: Anna Golding, Sarah Acton, El Young, Sara Harpley, Sian Lalita Alcock, Jasmine Fassenfelt, Sarah White, Lora Krasteva.

Our interviewees: Scott Irvine, Sian Lalita Alcock, Sara Harpley, Kevin Ashe, Heather Studley
Participant performers: 
Rebecca Buckley
Charlotte Peach
Judy Crombie
Pete Roper
Jon Callan
Ian Roussel
Nicki Greenham
Charlotte Norris
Phil Kingslan John
Jane Tidiman
Sarah White,
Nicola Hewitt
Thanks to the March workshop participants at Portland for their contributions: Aida Holly Nambi, Anna Golding, Charlotte Peach, Rose Harris, Karen Smallwood, Susana de la Fuent-Martin, Deborah Aita, Clare Alexander, John Lee, Rebecca Way, Jennifer Eldred, Claudia Dharamshi, Maisie Perkins, Pam Du Val, Penny Piddock, Rebecca Buckly, Paul Jones, Elizabeth Dores, Marty Southern.

Thanks to the Newbury 101 participants for their contributions: 

Sarah Acton, Sarah White, Nicola Hewitt, Jasmine Fassenfelt, Eleanor Young, Anil Lora Krasteva
With thanks to: Jeanie Sinclair, b-side festival, The Pulpit Inn, Natural England, Jilly Burnet, Lost Gardens of Helligan, Simon Carter, Cornwall Council, Arts Council England


Below… Listen to ‘Portland Speaks’
by Writer and Researcher Pam Du Val