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This project will be for Cornwall, about Cornwall, and made with Cornwall. We want to capture a snapshot of what Cornwall truly is in this moment; the beauty and the reality.

Our new programme, ‘We Are Shining’, celebrates Cornwall’s long traditions of welcoming strangers, of community and outdoor performance.

WE ARE SHINING is a year-long journey inspired by the travels of Pytheas, the Greek explorer. A sailor, geographer, astronomer … and the first person to circumnavigate and document the British Isles in 320BC, mapping out the land of Belerion, ‘The Shining Land’, which we now call Cornwall.

What would an explorer find when arriving from the great blue beyond today?

How would we describe ourselves? Our history and myths, our character, our everydayness and our rarity? What do we value and who do we want to share it with?

With fantastical imagery, story, song, immersive experiences, fire, pride, passion and laughter, this programme will explore, probe and re-imagine what this ‘Shining Land’ means for us.


We have planned four distinct strands of activity involving a range of local and national partners;

  • RE:WILD: A training programme that will equip individuals with new practical skills and tools. RE:WILD will also develop Cornwall’s internal networks, channels of communication and opportunities to collaborate, which are crucial if the creative sector is to thrive. We aim to reach 100 artists, 500 young people, and 16 schools by the end of 2024 by running practical training programmes in outdoor, site-specific theatre throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.
  • Wildlings: A small-scale touring model of installations and performances
  • A Wildworks trademark – large scale, free/Low cost event that brings communities and visitors together. For live and digital audiences.

Each activity will be fastened to places across the length and breadth of Cornwall weaving an intricate web of connectivity that touches both ‘honey pot’ and hidden communities.

Watch this space! Something very exciting is coming…