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“Rekindled. Revitalised. Rewilded.”

We are currently fundraising through the Big Give Christmas Challenge to take Re:Wild to the next stage! Each year we do a few training weeks locally and nationally which introduce young people, emerging talent and professional artists to the Wildworks process. As UK leaders in creating outdoor, community-focused theatre, we are keen to pass on our skills and experience to even more people through Re:Wild.

As part of our project We Are Shining, we aim to reach 100 artists, 500 young people, and 16 schools by the end of 2024 by running practical training programmes in outdoor, site-specific theatre throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. We will also work with professional Cornwall-based artists focussing on how to make theatre collaboratively with communities.

Re:Wild exposes artists, young people and non-creatives to new ways of working that will increase skills, enhance confidence, improve mental health and wellbeing, and build personal networks that will lead to greater employment opportunities.


Poem from Re:Wild residency participant Sarah Jane below:

Landed at Trelowarren with greetings of hugs.

A feeling of coming home.

A safe space to explore.

A wilderness to discover.

A quest to conquer.

Fizzy water swimming.

Humming and singing.

Strangers feeling like long lost friends.

Unlocking doors.

Unleashing wild dreams.

Creating mythical beings – Wildlings.

Terra Silvum – Earth Wood – Kraken of Oak

Mighty Beast – resting place for all.