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‘My mother stands at the water’s edge.
At the water’s edge stands a tree.
At the water’s edge, on the very edge,
at the water’s edge… Is me.’

At the water’s edge, beneath the shade of an ancient tree, a mother forms a perimeter to protect herself and her child from an unspeakable darkness.

The tide ebbs and flows, the years pass, and the boy is taught stories of the dangers that lay beyond the safety of her embrace.

But one day the boy awakes to find his mother is gone…

and a stranger arrives at the perimeter’s edge.

The boy must walk out into a new world. A world of gods and monsters.

Experience this fantastical journey discovering the light amidst the darkness and take a deep dive into the depths of your consciousness to rewrite the stories that try to define us.

Dark, humorous, fiery and honest… 

‘I AM KEVIN’ is a provocation to rediscover the power and possibility that lies beneath the surface of us all.

Directed by Mydd Pharo & created with the communities of Cornwall ‘I am Kevin’ was a promenade performance which took place on Carlyon Beach 6th to 20th August  2022

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  • Director: Mydd Pharo
  • Written by: Mydd Pharo & Hannah Mcpake
  • Script Writer: Hannah McPake
  • Associate Director/Movement: Jen Fletcher
  • Musical Director & Composer: Benji Bower
  • Community Researcher & Dramaturg: Mercedes Kemp
  • Set Designer: Ellie Williams
  • Set Designer: Amy Pitt
  • Costume Designer: Mydd Pharo
  • Lighting Designer / Video Designer: Joshua Pharo
  • Sound Designer: Dan Balfour
  • Publicity Photography: Steve Tanner
  • Show Photography: Ian Kingsnorth
  • Choral Leader: Vicky Abbott
  • Movement Director: Rob Mennear
  • Producers: Sarah Hemsley-Cole & Emma Hogg
  • Production Manager: Fay Powell-Thomas
  • General Manager: Gwen Scolding
  • Finance Manager: Debra Gristwood
  • Company Stage Manager: Kylie Sullivan
  • Technical Stage Manager: Louis King
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Ica Niemz
  • Costume Supervisor: Meier Williams
  • Costume Maker: Sara Rose Whetherly
  • Costume Maker: Lucy Seaber
  • Technical Sound Associate: Jon Clarence
  • Production Electrician: Sarah Readman
  • Aerial Rigging: David Greaves
  • Marketing Consultant: Susan Hill
  • Communications Assistant: Jasmin Davies
  • Community Participation Co-ordinator: Laura Steen
  • Costume Assistant Intern: Millie Orla Kelly
  • Technical Assistant Intern: Jasper Knight
  • Choral Cornish translation: Fiona O’Cleirigh
  • Researcher: Rachel Lowden
  • PR Agency: Excess Energy
  • Set build/carpentry- The Tree: Luke Woods & Dan Richardson
  • Set build: Simon Bagnall, John Lewin, Dan Sutcliffe
  • Design assistant / Puppet maker:  Mae Voogd
  • Design assistant: Esme Anderson
  • Design team: Al Carter & Kayla Rudd
  • Wood turner: Joe Huggett
  • Metal worker: Alex Cromby-Rogers

Digital Capture Team

  • Director: Mydd Pharo
  • Co Director & Designer: Joshua Pharo
  • Film Maker: Neal Megaw
  • Camera Assistant: Charlie Davies
  • Sound Recordist: Chris Baker
  • Film Assistant Intern: Ethan Menear

Community volunteers


  • Kay Peacey
  • Hazel Peacey
  • Trish Hogg
  • Jane Atkinson
  • Suzanne Body
  • Nichola Calvert
  • Sue Loydell
  • Jess Loydell
  • Kayla Rudd
  • Dexter Bray
  • Claire Fox

Front of House

  • Jane Atkinson
  • Spike Gainsford
  • Claire Fox
  • Ros Martin
  • Patrick Martin
  • Jenny Marchant
  • Kim Haddaway
  • Doreen Calvert
  • Mia Rowe
  • Ray Gunn
  • Louisa Fearnley
  • Dot Peryer
  • Caroline Finlayson
  • Nichola Baker
  • Inyang Ross
  • Suzanne Body
  • Sally Seutens
  • Mandi Cornfield
  • Sheila Vanloo
  • Sue Ford
  • Alistair Hiscock


  • Dexter Bray

Community Groups

  • Sensory Trust- Happy Wanderers St Austell
  • Shallal
  • Intercom
  • Carefree Cornwall
  • Mind
  • Plus the fab people of St Austell who joined our March drop-ins


  • Zach Hawkins
  • Aminita Francis
  • Kemi Coker
  • Hannah McPake
  • Morgan Val Baker
  • Bec Applebee
  • Kyla Goodey
  • Nigel Barrett
  • Vicky Abbott
  • Laurie Huggett
  • Rachel Lowden
  • Will Husbands

Community Performers

  • The Man/Mob Leader – Paul Sidebotham (Sid) & Luke Keast
  • Minotaur – Jake Davies & Ica Niemz
  • The Queen – Bea Knight
  • Ice Cream Vendor – Ian Chanter & Freddy Gaisford
  • Alison Dures
  • Jill Trudgeon
  • Jo Erwin
  • Lesley Wyatt
  • Nichola Knight
  • Pema Wainewright
  • Rob Atkinson
  • Sami Pankurst
  • Kim Pankurst
  • Sarah Williams
  • Saskia Mascord
  • Eve Riley
  • Grace Wilshaw Chanter
  • Clare Parker
  • Allison Nash
  • Dorothy Nelson
  • Mel Frekleton
  • Angel Vickery
  • Elowen Hogg
  • Gracie Brown
  • Ava Packer
  • James Hoswell
  • Kelly Harrison

Content Advice

Content intro:

(May contain spoilers) 

Whilst we wouldn’t want to reveal any ‘spoilers’ when promoting our work, we understand that some audience members may need more information about themes and content before booking. This list sounds quite daunting however all of these are implied and not literally represented in the show but we do appreciate this can still be of concern so we’re giving as much information as possible to allow people to make an informed choice when joining us. If there are certain themes that you would like to ask our box office team about, please contact the team at

​IAK content and trigger advice:

IAM KEVIN contains content and themes of: threat, childhood neglect, death/bereavement, death of a parent, suicide, mental health, pregnancy/childbirth, flashing images, sudden loud bangs and live fire.

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