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Creating a New Folklore for the Cornish Borderlands

Embarking on a journey to weave a fresh tapestry of stories of the Cornish borderlands, Sam Horton and Caleb Barron are harnessing the lived experience and imaginations of the communities across East Cornwall. Together, they aim to breathe life into a contemporary folklore that delves into the very essence of what it means to be ‘folk on the edge.’

In this immersive project, the duo will collaborate closely with the vibrant and diverse people living along the Cornish land border, particularly from the towns and surrounding areas of Bude, Launceston, Liskeard, and Looe. Their mission is to engage with people rooted in the rich traditions of these locations, to collectively create and perform a new narrative that resonates with the spirit of the region.

The heart of the initiative lies in empowering the local community to explore and embrace the fascinating realms of folklore, costume, and performance art. As people come together to share their stories and experiences, a mosaic of perspectives will emerge. This collaboration not only deepens the understanding of the cultural tapestry of the Cornish borderlands but also fosters a sense of unity and shared creativity, becoming an incubator for new ideas and interpretations.