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Galatea is the story of a town that has been cursed.
They have forgotten how to love.
And the monster is coming…

Set in a world where gods walk among the mortals, this unapologetically queer story follows different characters – all lost in the woods. Two young trans people find love whilst escaping oppression; a shipwrecked migrant searches for his family; goddesses clash; parents fret; an alchemist brews magic and a teenage Cupid sets hearts on fire – causing chaos and near disaster. And all the while, time is running out!

Galatea was written in the 1580s by John Lyly, William Shakespeare’s best-selling but now long-forgotten contemporary, inspiring Shakespeare’s comedies from As You Like It to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Performed in front of Queen Elizabeth I, over four hundred years ago, this tale of love, joy and the importance of welcoming outsiders is an incredibly resonant story for modern times.

Commissioned by Brighton Festival for its World Premiere, this ambitious, outdoor production is a major collaboration between Wildworks, award-winning queer theatre maker, Emma Frankland; LGBTQIA+ culture catalysts, Marlborough Productions and leading theatre historian, Andy Kesson.

Newly adapted by Emma Frankland and Subira Joy, designed by Mydd Pharo, edited by Andy Kesson with BSL translation support by Duffy – Galatea will be performed by a large company in spoken English and British Sign Language.

Dynamic and genre-defying – you’re not going to want to miss this radical revival of early-modern theatre’s best-kept secret.


Photos by Kaleido Shoots


Performers (in order of appearance):

Sophie Stone – Venus

Femi Tiwo – Galatea

Antonia Kemi Coker – Tityrus / Alchemist

Wet Mess – Cupid

Charlotte Arrowsmith- Telusa

Macy-Jacob Seelochan – Phillida

Ralph Bogard – Melebeus / Journalist

Steve Jacobs – Neptune

Richard P. Peralta – Rafe

Bea Webster – Hebe

Nadia Nadarajah – Diana

Charmaine Wombwell – Eurota

Ashleigh Wilder – Ramia

Vicky Abbott – Larissa

Caz Teague – Peter

All other roles played by community chorus including: Susan Bishop, Joana Cardoso, Jorge Santos, Scilla Allen, Wenying Wu, Erin Enfys, Ruby Woodhead, Helen McDonald, Beth McDonald, Elaine Woodhead, Eve Whittingham, Jen Lindsey-Clark, Abby Gedge, Sophia Trewick, Teresa O’Connell, Barbara Purves, Caroline Whiteman, Emma Castledine, Claire Ayres, Tim Wild, Clara Sintra-Hall

The Children’s Chorus is performed by ThirdSpace Theatre (Previously Windmill Young Actors) who run weekly classes and free clubs across Brighton and Hove for 6- 25 year olds. including: Amali Carmen Gill, Remy Archdeacon, Beatrice Twardzik, Ivy Corlett, Rosa Eden-Green, Jowan Frankland, Soli Hougham, Isis O’Farrell, Nina Wilson, Berry Bay Banks, Zoe Card, Kalindi Coe, Tegwen Edwards, Isla Feniuk, Clara Sintra-Hall


Co-produced by Emma Frankland, Marlborough Productions, Wildworks and Andy Kesson.

Director – Emma Frankland

Associate Director – Duffy

Associate Director – Andy Kesson

Dramaturg – Subira Joy

Set Design – Mydd Pharo

Costume Design – Mydd Pharo

Associate Designer – Ellie Williams

Assistant Designer – Ica Niemz

Lighting & Video Design – Joshua Pharo

Co-Video Design and Production Electrician – Sarah Readman

Caption Design – Joshua Pharo Caption Design – Sarah Readman

Musical Director & Composer – Vicky Abbott

Sound Designer & Sound System Designer – Xana

Sound Design Associate/Performer- Kayodeine

Additional Shanty Composition – Richard Peralta

Design Maker- Katy Hoste

Design Maker- Bryony Harrison-Pettit

Costume Supervisor – Maria Eva Russo

Wardrobe Assistant – Kit Wright

Costume Makers – Emma Sandham-King, Jess Eaton, Clare Bryant, Jody Dean, Caz Hicks, Caitlin Shaw, Cazz Smith

Main Stage build: Roosters Wood Team:
Rufus Maurice, Gabrielle Osmond, Maurice Chetwyn-Wood, Alan Munden

Additional Design Team credits: Lee Bennett, Simon Bagnall, Luke Wood

BSL Coordinator – Duffy

BSL Performance Interpreter – Sue MacLaine Our many BSL interpreters

Choir Coordinator – Aneesa Chaudhry

Volunteer Coordinator – Melanie Kalay

Community Chorus Director & Movement Director- Tanushka Marah

Community Chorus Facilitator – Anthea Clarke

Fight Director – Ella Pennycott

Intimacy Coordinator – Tigger Blaize

Production Manager – Lexi Stevens

Deputy Production Manager – J’me Howard

Company Stage Manager – Nemo Martin

Assistant Stage Manager – Florian Lim

Production Runner – Elliot Webster-Mockett

Technical Stage Manager – Al Orange

Heads of Lighting and Video – Jodi Rabinowitz and Richard Goodacre

Lighting Technicians- Orion Slater and Eren Celikdemir

Heads of Sound – Hazel Warren-Cooke
and Craig Standen

Additional Crew:
Harry ‘Forks’ Lake, Andy Smith, Killian Doherty Matt Royston-Bishop, Victor Hagger, Al Carter Simon Carter, Tim Hogg

Executive Producer – David Sheppeard

Executive Producer – Emma Hogg

Executive Producer – Lauren Church

Executive Producer – Emma Frankland

Executive Producer – Andy Kesson

Producer – Lee Smith

Assistant Producer – Fee Hudson Francis

Wildworks General Manager – Gwen Scolding

Wildworks Finance Manager – Debra Gristwood

Marlborough Productions General Manager – Amy Greenwood

Diverse Alarums Research Project:

Principal Investigator – Andy Kesson

Co-investigator – Sandra Nelson

Post-doctoral researcher – Erin Julian

Marketing Officer – Kamari Romeo

PR – Elin Morgan

Website Design – Zed Gregory

Graphic Design – Frankie Fagerty

Local Engagement Officer – Emma Criddle

Access Manager- Tarik Elmoutawakil

Access Coordinator – Fee Hudson Francis

Wellbeing Practitioner- Josetta Malcolm

Massage Therapist – Ana Bott

Access Consultant – Merry Cross


Andrew Comben – Chief Executive

Beth Burgess – Festival Executive Producer

Polly Barker – Festival Outdoor

Producer Sally Scott – Festival Producer

Dan Lake – Outdoor Production Manager

Carole Britten – Director of Marketing & Audiences

Hayley Wills – Head of Communications

Emma Gilbert – Acting Head of Marketing

Rosie Blackwell-Sutton – Marketing Manager

Jo Burnham – Senior Marketing Officer

Sarah Wilkinson – Head of Visitor Services

Katie McMurray – Visitor Services Manager

Eleanor Young – Festival Duty Event Manager

With thanks to Callan Davies, Jon Opie, Krishna Istha

All of the amazing creatives who have been on the journey of adapting this play over the past 8 years including:

Selina Thompson, Emily Joh Miller, Alexandrina Hemsley, Kim Tatum,
Angela Clerkin, Ash Palmisciano, Kyla Goody, Dylan Frankland, Kellan Frankland,
John Frankland, Griffyn Gilligan,Chiron Stamp, Hermi Berhane,
Jamal Ajala, Becky Allen, Cole Alvis, Samson Bonkeabantu Brown, Cassandra James,
Beric Manywounds, Rhiannon Collett, Scottee, Mary Woodvine, Ammar Haj Ahmad, Mary Malone, Our many BSL interpreters

Jorge and Jo, My Genderation, Rosie Powell, Holly Revell, James Wallace,Harry Clayton-Wright, Stewart Pringle, Ted Witzel, Akila Richards, Caz and the team at SOLD, All at EMAUS


Academic collaboration and support

Arts and Humanities Research Council

The Diverse Alarums advisory board: B. K. Adams, Simone Chess, Nandini Das, Callan Davies, Ben Fowler, Kit Heyam, Sawyer Kempt, Catherine Richardson, Kirsty Sedgman and John Walker

Pascale Aebischer Shakespeare Bulletin
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Clare McManus
Jane Kingsley-Smith
Laura Peters
Richard Keogh

Melinda Gough Natasha Korda

Sarah Feniuk at Drift
Emma Criddle and Gary Martin at Neighbourhood Store

Luke Skilbeck
Kim Solga
Shaz Daniels
Cathy Waller
Faith Dodkins and the Spire Arts
Will Holden at 3rd Shoreham Sea Scouts

Whimsy Teas
Simply Veg
Cloak and Dagger Brewery

Paul Barrow
Festival Marquees
Stage Sound Services
White Light
SMART Power – Sebby and Tim

AAA Security
Okuro and Ed Metals
Marlborough Productions would like to thank: Our board of trustees
Arts Council England
Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Esmée Fairbairn Foundation