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Shine On

Trifle Gathering Productions are creating a unique Karaoke story-telling project made with and for Cornwall’s adult learning disability community. ‘Shine On’ explores the relationships we have with our all-time favourite Karaoke songs. Songs that tell long-forgotten stories; break up songs, political songs, love songs, songs that have made a mark on our lives or melodies where we are lost in music… caught in a trap!

This project will culminate in a spectacular public performance, radiating vibrancy, glamour and offer plenty of opportunities for mass singing! For one night only, Trifle invite storytellers to take to the stage to share their tales, dress in beautiful attire, sing, dance and become their true shining selves. A celebration of community, pride, resilience and free expression.

This dazzling showcase celebrates the magic within each performer, whilst offering an unforgettable experience that bridges the gap between the stage and the hearts of the audience. Co–created with Trifle Gathering Production’s existing HomesGrown community and new friends.


Watch this space for dates and how to get involved…

Let’s party!