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Imaginary Journeys: WildWorks Travel Agencies

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IMAGINARY JOURNEYS: WILDWORKS Travel Agencies was designed to provide anyone with the opportunity to ‘travel’ into the past, the future and the imagination through seven bespoke projects.

WildWorks was proud to be one of the first companies commissioned through an exciting arts programme called FEAST that aims to make great art happen across Cornwall. We led an ambitious Arts in the Community project in seven market towns across the county.

WildWorks is recognised internationally as leading the kind of work in which artists and community work closely together to create an event, performance or installation unique to that place. For this project we recruited new artists with the intention that they would gain a deeper understanding of the company’s methodologies and develop their own professional skills working alongside an experienced team.

A series of free events were held within each location to encourage interest and contributions from the local community. Each project then developed in unique and wildly differing ways – from the film piece ‘Operation Wadebridge’ the ‘Travelling Postal Agents’ of Liskeard who took their project quite literally on its travels around the town to the immersive and theatrical setting of ‘Cloud 9 Time Travel’ in Penzance.

IMAGINARY JOURNEYS gave the members of these seven communities, young and old, an opportunity to reflect upon and share the things they value about their towns, memories of the past, their hopes and aspirations through creation and imagination.