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“For me, the joy of kiting lies in that fine sense of extension, in the fact that you have, almost literally, a hand reaching into the sky.” – Wyatt Brummit, author of Kites, 1971

The sight of multiple colourful kites can be breathtaking, and in some of our cultures they can symbolise the connection between the living and loved ones who have passed on.

Join Giles King and Ciaran Clarke for acts of remembrance, reflection and recreation with kites. Across a series of kite-building workshops — as well as conversations centred around life and death — this project looks to the skies as we reimagine death rituals, connecting our kites with memories, the living, and the spirit world.

The project will lead to a celebratory event at Mount Pleasant Ecological Park near Porthtowan. The visual and sound event taking place will see numerous kites soaring into the sky above Cornwall, creating a beautiful spectacle of people coming together in celebration of life.

Build a kite, speak about life and death, fly any kites you have, remember a loved one, or do any or all of the above.