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Postcards in Isolation

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We are starting off a little project whilst in lock down.

If you know someone who is isolated and has little or no online contact then we would like to send them a small gift.

We have a team of WildWorks artists creating miniature artworks on blank postcards, which we will send to your loved ones.

Initially, we have a limited number available as a trial.

You can nominate someone to receive a postcard by emailing with their  name, postal address and your relationship to them.


We appreciate that for many this is financially a very difficult time and we are not asking for payment to send these postcards. We have committed to covering the cost of the trial period which includes paying our artists (many of whom have lost much of their income for the year ahead) and the materials and postage. We also know that all charities are under increasing pressure, us included. If you are able to make a donation, however big or small so that we can continue this project beyond the trial period then you can do so below and we will be incredibly grateful as will the recipients. Thank you!


Images: Ellie Williams/ Myriddin Pharo