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20 August 2023

101 Wild Summer School Feedback

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“Theatre of the heart is right!”


Some gorgeous feedback from participants on our 101 Summer School Workshop – 2023

I’m finding it difficult to articulate concisely my experience at WildWorks 101 summer school because it went beyond anything I could have hoped for. I knew WildWorks created magic and synergy in the landscapes, but it turns out they take that magic, synergy, passion and care with them wherever they go, and they shared it with us so openly.

WildWorks facilitated an environment of openness, trust, fun, safety, experimentation, collaboration, freedom, sharing and learning. As an artist I have left this week feeling incredibly inspired, empowered and with new connections for life. The week has truly enriched my practice and was transformational for me, giving me the space to experiment, think and develop. 101 was also the perfect venue and we all bonded over the incredible food ❤️

Nicola Hewitt


Theatre of the heart is right!

I opened up about myself in ways I never have before, not even with close friends. The conversations I had and things that were shared are testament to safe, trusting place Wildworks created. I cried at one point, and I NEVER cry!

And SO much fun, good grief we laughed!

It’s really nice when you find your people. People that share that same passion and ambition.

The Wildworks lab at 101 was so much more than just an opportunity to learn about the way in which they create work. From start to finish you were immersed in the company’s ethos of ‘Theatre of the Heart’. The knowledge, time and care that was given throughout was something that I hadn’t come across before. The team created an amazing space to experiment, share and connect through our various disciplines. I’ve come away renewed, inspired and with friends for life.”

Sarah White


As a writer passionate about oral history in terms of connected memory and story of place and people, my practice focuses on myth-making, deep listening in the landscape and oral storytelling techniques. I’ve been flagging recently with grants and admin, and was so grateful for the opportunity for learning, creative nourishment and self-care this lab offered. I was hoping to find new ways to translate research into a show. What I came home with in addition, was courage to keep going, fierce beauty in moments remembered and the knowledge that we lit fires and we took home embers to fire our own beacons in the dark.

I’d say that three days at 101 Outdoor Arts might be three weeks or might be three years. The bunker effect of the rain and intense days and evenings together, the healthy delicious home-cooked meals, the collective sense of trust and adventure quickly generated and radiated within our group of many different professional artists in the industry. We took risks outside our comfort zones, thrived individually and together. We made, shared, listened, laughed and threw out ideas, primal sounds and scenarios like constellations of glitter, everything was immediate and felt. We added layers of our animal voices, movements, and making into the many echoes of Greenham Common and our 101 creative base. Now back home, I feel like I was part of something meaningful that forges friendships, sagas are made from its briefest moments acknowledged between storytellers, the work grows through our harmony.

The Wildworks team were present in everything, fully immersed and involved in the journey with us, the joy of their expertise, generously led workshops, talks, openness and empathy, bringing out strengths and surprises in everyone. Our final piece was about memory and reflects this precious time shared together.

Sarah Acton


Not too sure where to start on talking about how much I got out of the 101 summer school with Wildworks. I learnt so much about my craft and myself during just a few days, all while sharing the wonderful experience with other incredible humans. It was my first ever residential and certainly won’t be the last. As someone who often finds new social situations tricky, I can’t believe how calm and cared for I felt in that week. The atmosphere really gave me the best chance to soak up all of this new knowledge and skills sharing. I learnt so many creative techniques that I’ll be using from now on when it comes to building story and really listening to a landscape. Thank you to all at Wildworks and Outdoor Arts 101 for helping me grow so much as an artist!

Jasmine Fassenfelt


Outside of the studio

Brierley Hill – These things I know