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27 March 2024

Outside of the studio

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On the week commencing the 25th March, Mydd Pharo (Artistic Director) and Mercedes Kemp (Founding Artist) delivered a 3 day workshop for 2nd Year Theatre and Performance students at Falmouth University. The students learnt how to respond to their environments and communities in order to create theatre in the landscape.


This week has truly shown me the joys of working with nature, of working in non – traditional ways and experiencing new and different types of performance. It has shown me the broad spectrum of opportunities in theatre and performance, and that so much can happen outside of the studio.

When there tends to be so many issues regarding space, permission, and funding within theatre, it is incredible to discover that the joy of reclaiming land and nature is a display of performance in itself. This experience has allowed me to connect with different parts of myself through my performance and share appreciation for the world around me.

I particularly enjoyed using the natural things I had around me to create pieces of visual art. As a developing artist, I have a great interest in broadening my practices and performance art and visual art are forms I am incredibly interested in, getting to connect to nature and our natural habitat has been an absolute joy.

Leo Kirk, He/Him


These few days have been full of energy. It was a gift to work outside with nature, using what we found in an open space has filled me with a sense of joy.

To have the opportunity to improvise and collaborate in various spaces across the campus has made us more inventive. The feeling of potentially failing was replaced with one of excitement about every possibility that could be achieved within the time set for each task.

Sima She/Her


This week has been a wonderful eye opener. I have really enjoyed being able to work outside. It has given me so much inspiration to make more performance in open, outside spaces.

Abi G – She/her


This has been the most welcoming, inclusive, supportive few days. I don’t think I’ve worked with people who have been as engaging and friendly from the get-go, as Mydd and Mercedes.

In three days they opened my mind to the possibilities and magic with landscape site specific performance, and gave me tools of immeasurable use to go forward with my own practice.

Every emotion, idea and offer were given its space and value, which has made this week so special.

Such a big thank you.

It’s been great to get a taste of a company that struck my interest.

Izzy Rowlands – She/her


Brierley Hill – These things I know



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