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Earthlings Assemble!

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What if the vast range of life forms we call ‘biodiversity’ gathered to talk about us?

The Earthlings Assembly is a community arts project on Portland UK that culminated at b-side festival 2021.

Co-created by the community of Portland and Wildworks with the support of local arts organisation b-side. This project was commissioned by MEMO as part of Eden Portland with support from Nottingham Trent University


Earthlings Assemble explores the diversity of life on Portland, and calls out to gather an assembly of humans and non-humans that will honour and celebrate the distinctiveness of the place.


On Saturday 11th September Wildworks ran several drop-in community workshops for b-side festival visitors. The participants’ contributions were then edited into a provocative and poetic finale that was projected onto the Bird Observatory lighthouse in the evening.


If you have any feedback about the workshops or the projection in the evening, we’d love to hear it. Please email


The Earthlings Assembly is still looking for members…




I’ve still got the lighthouse images and sounds scrolling through my mind. It was heartstopping!
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Creative Team / Credits

Creative and Production Team

Mydd Pharo Director
Mercedes Kemp Writer/Researcher
Josh Pharo Video Designer
Ellie Williams Designer
Amy Pitt Designer
Ica Niemz Designer
Gwen Scolding General Manager
Victoria Abbott Composer
Josh Pharo Sound Designer
Joe Miles Tech Support
Emma Hogg Executive Director
Debra Gristwood Finance Manager