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Meet Me At The Edge

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“There are times when one hangs suspended, hovering between the past and the future – there aren’t many times like this. Lightheaded, pregnant with possibility, wondering where the next footstep will fall. This is one such." - Mercedes Kemp

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Meet Me At The Edge Film


Meet Me At The Edge Film – British Sign Language


Meet Me At The Edge Film – Audio Described



In summer 2020, after months of lockdown, we set out to create an Audio-visual experience in the landscape, at home in Cornwall on the cliffs at Botallack.

Our journey in sound and landscape explored responses to isolation and connectedness within our communities.

The live showing of Meet Me at the Edge was cancelled due to Covid19. We were unable to share the work with our live audiences. But we were able to adapt.


This film is a culmination of that work and the stories we discovered. A unique mosaic of real stories contributed by real people.

We feel it’s an important time to be sharing these narratives.


We have spent the last 6 months working remotely with the people that have contributed their testimonies to Meet Me at the Edge. We have gathered sound and film footage recorded by those people, from their own personal edges and we have created a Film. A collective expression exploring and documenting isolation and connectedness which will premiere for free on 21st April 2021 at 7.30pm on our YouTube channel.


“We find ourselves standing at a new edge as the world now begins to reopen and get louder again. It’s exciting!


But just before we step or leap forward. If that’s back to normal or to new beginnings… We invite viewers at home to spend just under an hour, to watch, listen and think…

What have the events of the past year taught us? What old behaviour do we want to set down and leave behind and what do we want to pocket and take with us, as we boldly or tentatively step forward together.”

Mydd Pharo – Artistic Director


Meet Me at The Edge – FILM is a unique mosaic of real stories, contributed by real people. We feel it’s an important time to be sharing these narratives.


As an organisation, we are evolving to reach a wider and more diverse audience. The film will be available in English and British Sign Language alongside an audio description including an audio introduction establishing the visual world of the film.

We have designed creative captions into the film to make it accessible to hard of hearing, D/deaf and neuro divergent audience members but also to explore depth and meaning in people’s words and emotion. Creative captioning is a technique of laying texting around the people and landscape, allowing you to absorb both text and image together.



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For me the edge is like the horizon, far out to sea. No matter where you sail, it is still there, far in the distance, unreachable. As the world gets ever more edgy, I edge along, heading towards an unreachable horizon

Update - Sept 2020

After careful consultation this morning with our key event partner, the National Trust, we have unfortunately had to make the very difficult and disappointing decision to postpone the community and public Meet Me at The Edge performances at Botallack, Cornwall

A live streamed performance will be available for all ticket holders to view via the Wildworks YouTube channel and we will resurrect the physical performances once the Government and National Trust requirements are lifted.

Due to a national restriction, The National Trust has decreased all events on its sites across the UK to a maximum of 30 people at one time. Meet Me at The Edge performances were safely planned for 50 people at a time, keeping to all the Government requirements of bubbles of 6, therefore reducing to an audience of 30 is not possible. We have been working at all times within the tight parameters of ever-changing Government guidance to ensure the requirements are not only met but exceeded, however, reducing the numbers and cancelling for a percentage of attendees is simply not feasible for us. Thus in the interest and fairness of all we have to sadly cancel the entire production for September 2020. Meet Me at the Edge has its narrative based on inclusivity so to then exclude a proportion of our audience didn’t sit comfortably with us.

With extremely high and immediate demand, the Meet Me at The Edgeshows have been a sell-out success and we are incredibly disappointed that we are unable to hold this event for our supporters but we know it is the only decision based on the information and the request we have received today from the National Trust. We are always extremely keen to work in a collaborative manner and ensure that all parties’ needs are met and we hope to work next year with the National Trust to recreate this innovative and unique production when all organisations involved are more comfortable with the figures and we are safe in the knowledge that we can make it workable as a community and commercial production.

Our team will be reaching out directly to ticketholders with information about postponing or providing full refunds and the link for the proposed live streaming of the production. We thank everyone who registered interest and we look forward to bringing you Meet Me at The Edge as a reimagined event that brings people together in a safe and responsible way when possible.

We would also like to add that no one is more disappointed than the team who have worked tirelessly on this project. Wildworks made a commitment at the start of this journey to honour all contracts and this commitment still stands

Performers / credits

Creative and Production Team

Mydd Pharo Director
Mercedes Kemp Writer
Sue Hill Landscape Artist
Charlie Bunker Creative Producer
Emma Hogg Executive Director
Ellie Williams Designer
Victoria Abbott Musical Director
Ciaran Clarke Sound Designer
Josh Pharo Video Designer/Maker
Emma Cameron Production Manager
Vicki Cox Technical Stage Manager
Lucy Seaber Costume Supervisor
Tim Hogg Site Management and Event Safety
Ben Granata Event Safety and Medic
Debra Gristwood Finance Manager
Charlie Gray Marketing Manager
Excess Energy PR
Ian Kingsnorth Photography

Audio and Performers

Mary Woodvine
Iga Webb
Sue Hill
Rebecca Hulbert
Jowan Jacobs
Abi Hutchinson
Daisy Gibbs

Nadia Nadarajah
Emma Frankland
Ammar Haj Ahmad
Theo Blackmore
Andrew Wilkey
Mercedes Kemp

Sign interpreter

Donna Ruane from Theatresign


“Blackbird” by Lucy Birbeck performed by Julie Macara
“I Am Giant Now” – performed and written by Andrew Wilkey
“To the End” – by Victoria Abbott performed by The Tuesday Night Fun Club

With thanks to

The National Trust
Jim Carey
Seamas Carey
Bec Applebee
Piran Tech
St. Just Miner’s Chapel
Josh Morse
Chloe Graham


Ian Kingsnorth and Josh Morse Photography
Sue Hill Illustration